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Skyfarms karjat

Quaint farmhouse stay in Karjat

This getaway was a last minute decision we took and got lucky to see it was available over the weekend. It was hoomums birthday the same week and an outing banta hai!

The quality of life is in proportion, always, to the capacity for delight. The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention.

~ Julia Cameron

Sajili, the host was cordial and provided us with all the inputs we needed about her farm and her instructions helped us.

We reached during the lunch time. I got to explore the entire place after the 3 hours of travel. Sniffed around the front-yard and got to sniff some peemails. The property had dogs 2 Dobermans and 1 Spitz. They were on their own and i didn’t get to interact with them. After some running around, the lunch was served. The caretakers were very kind and took care of everything minutely. I drooled on what was served. The lunch became too much and we all slept the afternoon.

Bugz at Karjat

Evening we went to the stream that passes through the farmhouse. It was a nice place to see the sunset and have some hot hot chai. They served barbecue for early dinner snacks and then late dinner, again was refreshingly delicious.

Cards Against Humanity

Then the hoomans decided to play the ‘Cards against Humanity’ card game. After that they watched some TV and then slept off. The next morning was again exploring time around the property and then in the noon we left from there with some amazing memories from yet another farm place.

Enroute home we found some good offbeat pathways where we ventured in and walked around and took some pictures.

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