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Properly Maintaining Your Dogs’ Relationships With Food

Dogs are wonderful members of the family, but remember that they are animals. Their reality is based on instinct. Many pets see the type and amount of food you give them as the foundation of your relationship with them.

Don’t Bite the Hand That Feeds You
Psychologically, we are friendlier towards those who provide us with meals, water and lodging. We build our relationships based upon these hierarchical fundamentals. Your dog also has an unconscious perception of you as an owner based on the food you provide.

Do you feed your pets from table scraps, like a member of the family? Do you feed your dog or cat in some remote location? Is there any special technology used for mealtime – a special dish or bell to identify that dinner is served?

Just like “Pavlov’s dogs,” your pets will respond to both conscious and unconscious stimuli during meal times. Ensure that you are sending the right message at home and it will be easier to travel with your dog.

Hazardous Foods To A Dog
While pets can eat many of the same things as humans, some items are actually quite dangerous to them. It might be cute to allow your children to feed the family pet under the table, but make sure kids understand that the following things may be dangerous to canines: avocado, bread dough, chocolate, garlic, grapes, hops, macadamia nuts and onions.

Animals Might See Meal Types As Punishment
In the simplified world of pets, they might see your meal choices as punishment. Cheap doggy meals might be a sign of disapproval – the dog did not perform, as you would have liked.

You give the child a special bone or biscuit after it did something well, right? You are naturally conditioning your dog to respond to nutritional stimuli. Make sure you are not sending mixed messages.

Mean Pets Have Been Deprived
When bad owners want to turn their dogs into mean, fighting animals, they deprive them of healthy meals. As the dog’s health deteriorates, it naturally becomes spiteful wanting to lash out. Good owners must be careful about the types of meals they provide to their pets in order to send the right message.

Maintain your healthy relationship with your pet by using healthy meals. Ensure that you are consistent with the message you are sending during meals. All will be happier in the end.

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