Dogs as pets vs gifts

Dog’s make great pets, but not gifts

Is no mystery that dogs are among the most popular pets of all times. Dogs have been on our side for so long that they rightfully set out to earn the title of “man’s best friend”: they are extremely loyal, loving, protective and… cute!

So, what’s not to like? Who would not like the gift of a nice puppy? Well, dogs are seriously awesome, but you should think twice before choosing dog as a gift for your friends or relatives.

You might want to give an awesome gift to somebody, but you still have to keep into account that the recipient of your gift will probably be sharing his living space with other people. Do they actually want to have a dog or do they feel that they can share a living with a pet? Before moving on with a canine gift, you should make sure the decision will be ok with everyone in the house, because taking care of a dog affects everyone involved in the equation, and it is important that the dog does not come into their life in a bad time!

Dogs are truly loyal, loving and protective, but they require a certain degree of responsibility from their owners. Are they going to be able to fully commit? Owning a dog can become a life-changing commitment, as these animals needs to be taken care of attentively.

You should also consider other pets at home: are there other animals sharing the premises, and if so, how would they coexist with the newcomer? It is very important to make sure all pets in the house have their own spaces and can accept each other peacefully, even becoming friends! It is possible that you might be thinking about buying another dog as a replacement for a departed pet: be careful! Remember that owners get as close to dogs as if they were true family members, so a new pet as a replacement could do more harm than good. Make sure the new owner can handle a new pet, emotionally !

In conclusion, A new canine will become a true family member, not just a pet. This is why it is probably better to avoid buying a dog as a gift, unless the recipient of the gift has been carefully planning to welcome a dog into his life and is expecting the gift.

Before considering getting a dog as gift, make sure the future owner is actually willing or capable to assume that responsibility of taking care of the animal and offer him a safe and comfortable environment!

Having a dog is a wonderful experience: let’s make the best of it!

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