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Develop A Good Relationship With Healthy Food

Relationships take time to be healthy. They require a time commitment, forgiveness, and they must come from a place of love. When it comes to your relationship with food, this is also true. Not sure this is possible for you? Even bad relationships can be repaired with work. It helps, though, to have some tips along the way:

Follow Your Dog
This is true both literally and figuratively. Eating poorly is often a comfort strategy when it comes to feeling bad about you. Taking another look at you and aspiring to love yourself the way that your dog loves you is one great way to consider yourself worth feeding well. Another is to exercise- follow your dog or dogs on a long walk a few times a day, and you will find yourself craving healthier meals.

Try Try Try
It takes a dozen or more times for a flavor to be in your mouth before you will crave it. Often, a vegetable or meat you didn’t care for was just cooked in a way you didn’t like. Vegetables don’t need to be boiled to mush and then topped with butter. Instead, try a light pan sear with sea salt and olive oil, leaving the centers fresh and crispy. If you’re trying to drop weight or can’t have salt for health reasons, steaming is a great choice, too. Experiment with lemon juice, fresh herbs and other different flavor additives to try and find ways that healthy choices can be yummy choices for you, too. Be brave when it comes to tasting things you thought you’d never like. Go to exotic buffets and try a bite of everything on the table. Eat out with adventurous friends and ask to taste their dishes. Host a potluck with a theme. There are lots of ways to teach your taste buds to dream bigger.

Plan A Weekly Menu
One of the biggest reasons people eat poorly is because they get hungry and have nothing prepared. By planning a weekly menu and having food available to grab as healthy snacks, you can cut down on the junk you eat when you travel. If you get bored with the few recipes you know, technology has created a large number of apps that can offer new, healthy suggestions no matter what foods you have or what dietary restrictions you want to follow. Some will even help you to plan grocery lists, and offer meal suggestions based on your purchases.

Eating well takes time, but once you’ve established good habits, it can be easy to maintain. Be patient with yourself, and remember to forgive when you stumble. Treat yourself with the kind of love you already deserve.

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