Bugz the Beagle’s Birthday!

Gone are the days when you were expected to marry young, have children young and the woman was expected to raise the children. For some that step never occurs. Dogs have replaced babies for many people around. Sharing my love and affection with Bugz perhaps because of the motherly hormones that were kicking in has brought immense pleasure and happiness into my life!

Just like children, dogs need to be taken care of. You still need to feed and bathe them, provide them with regular activities and spend time with them. They bring just as much love and joy to you as children do and perhaps are more loyal. I am happier now than I have ever been and give full credit to Bugz!

It is amazing how much a dog can get attached to you. They have an immense amount of love to share and will be there for you in good and bad times. They are incredibly playful and never cease to surprise with their tricks. Dogs are not just a man’s best friend, indeed they are a family member, just like a child!

Can’t believe its been a year already, seemed like just yesterday this bundle of joy walked into our life! Happy Birthday Bugz!

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