B12 – The Silent Killer

Very recently, I noticed that the number of people who suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency have dramatically increased, and in that case, a lot of reports and complaints of people getting anemic have been recorded too. I thought of talking about this issue, as once I have been a victim of this same condition too, which may see as just a deficiency of one vitamin, but, in reality it can change you from who you are to what have you been.

After distressing five months of suffering, I was diagnosed with vitamin B12 deficiency. Around a year I was feeling ill and not stable in health. I ignored the small symptoms which appeared many times, by giving excuses related to different events of my life. The most evident symptoms in my case history were; tiredness, loss of breath, sore tongue, lethargy, confusion at times, paleness, fatigue, loss of appetite, diarrhea and loss of weight. Now you must be thinking that I am very careless about my health that I ignored more than half a dozen of symptoms. Actually, to tell the truth, it was not carelessness, it was just that the symptoms were so varied that I was misled to a thought of several health issues at once rather than to a thought of a deficiency of one single vitamin.

I know it is always not wise to be your own doctor, and especially in this kind of a condition which you cannot simply state your own diagnosis. I am very famous among my relatives and friends for being my own doctor and treating myself with different remedies. It has saved a lot of money for me for sure, but this time, it costed me a lot of money, until the doctors discovered that my hemoglobin level was as low as 7 in the CBC report and the MCV was high and etc.

The day I got the reports, I started my own small research on the internet. I was searching for all the possibilities which could cause a low HB and high MCV together. With the lack of real medical knowledge to figure out how they were simply related, I started reading all the articles, blog posts and etc., about this issue. Then, as you know, the internet, which is very famous in misleading people most of the time, gave me many scary possibilities of diseases. I got almost depressed by the time I figured out in my case it should be either a liver disease or a lack of vitamin B12. I then understood that, I alone cannot help myself, and should go to a doctor.

I am not a fan of different tablets and capsules and I always ignored allopathic treatments, but, I was very fond of Ayurveda. Therefore, I thought seeing an Ayurvedic doctor would be the best option for me. I decided to consult an Ayurvedic doctor, whom I knew very well for years. Then we started the treatment, and I was so careful that I did all the things according to the way he advised me to do. He asked me to eat a lot of food which were high in vitamin B12. Yet, it was not enough in my condition and my health deteriorated further. The ayurvedic doctor asked me to consult a gastroenterologist, as he knew my body needed serious treatment to come out of the low hemoglobin level.

I was very reluctant in the decision of going to a gastroenterologist, but at last it was the only option. Once again this specialist did all the investigations to make sure and confirm the diagnosis. What I was afraid of came to a reality. It was B12 DEFICIENCY!!!

I was prescribed 10 B12 injections along with different tablets for a month, hoping to have a speedy recovery and a good health state. I was so hesitant in these kinds of treatments, but I wanted to get well soon and therefore decided to listen to my specialist. After a month of treatment, the doctor was happy that the treatment was positive, but slow, therefore, had to continue the injections and the tabs for another month.

After two months I got through with my serious treatment of injections and tablets. I was feeling a lot better, or I can say almost well. I felt energetic and fit like earlier and that’s how I knew my good health is back. I had the last medical tests done and was so excited that I was out of those needles and tablets.

A lot of doctors and researchers say that the vegetarians are more likely to suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency as this vitamin is rich in poultry, eggs and milk rather than vegetables. But, that is not an excuse, if you are a vegetarian you should still supply your body with what it needs. It’s very easy to find vegetarian substitutes now a days, as the market is filled with fortified foods, as example, Vitamin B12 fortified cereals, soy products and even energy bars.

This hard time of my life really influenced on a big change of my lifestyle. I was more careful and concerned about my diet that I consumed a balanced one everyday. Thanks to all the encouragement I got from my family, friends and relatives, as it played a very big role for me to get out of those bad situation and it feels great to BE HEALTHY ONCE AGAIN!!!


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    B12 – The Silent Killer

    Very recently, I noticed that the number of people who suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency have dramatically increased, and in that ...
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    B12 – The Silent Killer

    Very recently, I noticed that the number of people who suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency have dramatically increased, and in that ...
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