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Life’s Little Disappointments

Disappointment is perhaps one of the most difficult things to deal with in life. Often, we look forward to something and are crushed when it does not happen according to our plans. Sometimes, we put faith in people, but they often disappoint us through their actions or attitudes. And, we often give much attention to things, but they sometimes break and leave us crushed. Disappointment in life is directly related to your expectations. When you want something, expect to have it, achieve it or experience it and it doesn’t become a reality, you feel let down, upset and/or disappointed. Why do people set themselves up for disappointment by creating mental expectations for some result that may be in the control of others: parents, a spouse, a company, a boss or a friend?

Bad luck? Bad Karma? Either way, disappointment….. Life’s Setback or Self’s Pity ?

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Dogs as pets vs gifts

Dog’s make great pets, but not gifts

Is no mystery that dogs are among the most popular pets of all times. Dogs have been on our side for so long that they rightfully set out to earn the title of “man’s best friend”: they are extremely loyal, loving, protective and… cute!

So, what’s not to like? Who would not like the gift of a nice puppy? Well, dogs are seriously awesome, but you should think twice before choosing dog as a gift for your friends or relatives.

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Dogs replacing babies

How dogs are replacing babies

Recent research by the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention in the US has found interesting results. 15 to 29 year old women are having fewer babies. Instead they are opting to own small dogs. It seems they would rather have a hassle-free alternative, who doesn’t scream, doesn’t need a baby sitter and is easy to transport.

Since 2007, birth rates in the US have dropped almost 10% and ownership of small dogs has been on a steady rise. Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention believe this is no co-incidence and that there is a strong correlation between the two.

Gone are the days when you were expected to marry young, have children young and the woman was expected to give up her career to raise the children. The world has changed dramatically and our society has come a long way since. Today, couples are getting married at an older age or not marrying at all and having children older. There is less pressure and they are happy to wait until they are ready to take the large step into parenthood. For some that step never occurs, sharing their love and affection with dogs instead. Dogs have replaced babies for many people around the globe.

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